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What To Do When You Have No Hot Water

Hot water from shower head

What To Do When You Have No Hot Water

Hot water is essential for every home or business. Without hot water, we can’t perform our regular day-to-day activities. And let’s face it, finding you have no hot water when you need to shower in the morning is a huge inconvenience.

A plumber who understands hot water can examine your problem and fix it in no time. But, before you call on one, give your water a chance to reheat. You might not need a hot water heater repair.  It all depends on how big your water tank is and how many people have been using the hot water.

Hopefully, your hot water will return quickly, but if, after waiting an hour, your hot water hasn’t returned, you know that the issue is more serious and that you need a hot water service.

If this is a recurring problem you may need to reassess the size of your water heater to ensure it accommodates everyone.

Whether you have a gas heater or an electric heater, here is what no hot water could indicate:

Gas Hot Water Heaters

If you have a gas heater and you are getting no hot water, there could be a problem with your gas supply. The problem might be that your pilot light has gone out, or that your burner might not be working properly. It may also indicate that there is a gas leak.

Instead of looking into any of these issues yourself, it is recommended that you seek professional assistance. You don’t want to make anything worse. A plumbing professional will be able to identify the issue and get it fixed in no time.

Electric Hot Water Heaters

If you have an electric water heater and you are getting no hot water, it could mean that the breaker has been tripped, High-Temperature Cutoff switch has been tripped, or loss of power. Alternatively, it could mean that there is a water leak inside the compartment which has caused it to malfunction.

Electric heaters also have a short lifespan – about 8 – 10 years on average. A plumber can look at your hot water system and advise you on its condition and whether it’s time to upgrade it.

To best thing to do when your hot water runs out is to be patient and see if it comes back. If not, call an emergency plumber that understands hot water systems who will diagnose and fix the problem quickly and efficiently.

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