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Help Save The Environment With Sustainable Plumbing

Save water. Save environment.

Help Save The Environment With Sustainable Plumbing

In today’s environmentally-conscious age, we all want to do what we can to save the planet. We buy keep cups instead of disposable coffee cups; recycle our paper and cardboard; we even take public transport to reduce our carbon footprint.

All of these things are positive steps towards saving the environment, but there is something that is occurring in households worldwide that goes unnoticed and is a real environmental concern: a leaking water pipe or tap.

We all know the importance of saving water. Fresh, clean water is a limited resource needed by all living things for survival. By saving water, you are helping protect our environment. While we may think actions such as turning off the tap when brushing our teeth are helping, we may be unknowingly undoing all of our good work.

Water wasted from a leaking tap/pipe

Leaking taps may seem harmless; they only drip, not pour, so they can’t be wasting that much water, right? Wrong.

It has been estimated that a dripping tap can waste a whopping 20,000 litres of water in a year. This is a huge environmental concern.

Dripping Tap

The solution: sustainable plumbing

You can help to save the environment in one simple way – to be smart with your plumbing. If you notice a leaking pipe, don’t leave it alone. Call a plumber immediately and have them fix it as soon as possible. It may not be at a great expense, either, just a simple maintenance cost – one that has huge benefits for the planet.

You’ll save the environment and your cash

Calling in a plumber to service a leaking pipe or tap will actually save you money. If you tackle a small problem like this as soon as you spot it, you will prevent it from turning into a bigger problem later down the line. And there’s a probability that this bigger problem will cost you a load more than the simple fix the small problem required.

So, when you spot a leaking tap, it’s in your best interest to get it fixed straight away. Not only will you be saving yourself money and hassle in the future, but it is highly sustainable and a massive environmental benefit. You can even buy a smart home water leak detection device to help you pinpoint those pesky leaking taps.

If you need sustainable plumbing solutions for your home in Sydney, call on Watermark Plumbing and save the planet today!

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