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How To Prepare Your Home Before A Holiday

Enjoy your holiday!

How To Prepare Your Home Before A Holiday

Going away?

Taking the time to properly prepare your home before you leave can save you from getting any nasty surprises on your return. Stinky sinks, disgusting dishwasher debris, excessive energy bills, water leakage, and burglary are common disasters homeowners return to after holidays.

Here are some simple tips to help you prepare your home before a holiday:

Avoid obvious signs of an empty house

To avoid burglary, theft or vandalism, it’s a good idea to make your home look occupied. Leave your curtains and blinds open. Cancel your regular deliveries so there is no evidence they are not being collected.

Installing sensor lighting outside and smart time delay lighting inside will make your home appear lived in while you’re away. Don’t forget external maintenance either. A run-down garden indicates no one is there to look after it.

Save water and electricity

Turning off any potential causes of water leakage will ensure you don’t get any nasty water bills. Turn off the valves to the dishwasher, washing machine, and all sinks.

Check all taps are off. Check all heaters and air conditioners are turned off. If they are programmed to come on automatically, reset so they won’t turn on while you’re away.

Isolating the power source and the water source to your hot water system will also save energy costs. If you’re unsure how to do any of the above, call a licensed plumber for advice.

Although you want to prevent water leakage, remember your garden needs to look loved, so don’t completely shut off your water. Also, a lot of floods are caused by burst pipes and if a flexi hose (which 99% of Sydney homes have) bursts, it will flood your whole home. We see this rather often. Shutting off your water supply to these individual taps or valves will prevent this being you. Generally, there will be a tap located in a cupboard where these flexible hoses are connected to.

Ask for help

Family, friends, and neighbours are great sources of help while you’re away. Call in any favours and get your garden and plants watered, your mail and any junk mail collected and ask if they can feed your precious pet turtle.

Leave it clean

Arriving home to horrible odours will dampen your spirits immediately and can take some time to rectify. In your kitchen, throw away any perishable food in the fridge and cupboards. If you have an empty freezer you can turn your fridge off at the powerpoint and leave the freezer and fridge doors open. This will save energy costs and prevent odours building up inside.

Run your food disposal unit if you have one and ensure your sinks are clear. Clear any debris from your dishwasher, including washing the filters. Leave the door open allowing for it to dry. Empty all rubbish bins including bathroom bins. Check all toilets are flushed and empty. Any odour you have now will only worsen while you’re away, so save yourself the stink and prepare wisely.


Now you’re confident your home will be delightful to return to, you can allow yourself to completely relax. Enjoy your holiday without worrying about your house, garden or pets. Congratulate yourself with a well-deserved Pina Colada!

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