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Home Owners Plumbing Checklist: 5 things you should know

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Home Owners Plumbing Checklist: 5 things you should know

When was the last time you thought about your home’s plumbing? You probably haven’t given it a second thought. However, taking functioning plumbing for granted can be a dangerous game. One small leak can easily escalate (click here for a prime example! We showed up to a client’s home expecting to see a minor problem, but we ended up fixing a major plumbing issue)

There are things you can do as a homeowner that make life easier for both yourself and the residential plumbers in your area. Here are five essential tips that plumbers for homeowners want you to know.

1.  Know Your Source

When you move houses, make sure you work out where your water and gas mains are and isolate. If a major water or gas leak strikes, you’ll be able to switch off the supply immediately.

2.  Fix Leaky Pipes Straight Away

If left unattended, a leaking pipe will only get worse. A leak may seem small and harmless, but over the time it can cause severe damage. Residential leak detection services are very worthwhile, as they can alert you to leaks in your house that may otherwise go unnoticed.

3.  Get Slow or Clogged Drains Professionally Cleaned

You may be tempted to buy a cheap solution at the supermarket, but don’t. If something significant is clogging your drain, a domestic chemical may be pointless and only prolong the problem. Residential plumbers will be able to pinpoint what is causing the problem, so get your drains seen to by a professional.

4.  Don’t Put Up With Hot Water Fault

Plumbers for homeowners will tell you that there is no need to put up with a hot water fault! What is a small problem during summer may be a significant problem in winter, the time when we need our hot water the most!

5.  Running Toilets, a Hidden Cost!

A running toilet can add hundreds of dollars to your water bills every year. If you don’t want to flush money straight down the drain, have a running toilet fixed immediately.

Ask about your plumber routine services like residential water leak detection today. They could end up saving you substantial time and money.

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