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Blessed with Nature, why can’t we cherish its beauty?

Nature Conservancy - save on water

Blessed with Nature, why can’t we cherish its beauty?

We’ve all become painfully aware of our impact on the planet over the last couple of years. And from buying re-usable coffee cups to ditching the straws, businesses and consumers alike have started to make a change in order to protect the beauty of nature and embrace nature conservancy. But many are still uneducated when it comes to the amount of water we waste.

So what can we do for water conservation?

Rainwater harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is a simple way to reduce your water use and capitalise on the sustainability of natural resources. It’s particularly effective for commercial businesses who need water for irrigation. By collecting and reusing rain-water, you will most certainly be doing your bit for water conservation.

Fix the leaks

Aside from causing a small yet annoying sound, leaky taps and pipes waste a lot of water. Do your bit for nature conservancy and call a plumber to get the leaks fixed.

Re-use cooking water

After cooking pasta, rice or boiled vegetables, don’t just throw the water down the drain. Think of other uses for it such as watering your plants. Much like plastic, single-use water is a drain on our natural resources. Get creative with your water conservation!

Responsible flushing

The toilet accounts for a large amount of a household’s water consumption. Although this solution might not be for everyone, consider the mantra “If it’s yellow, let it mellow” and only flush when you absolutely need to.

Turn the tap off

So many people leave the tap on whilst they are brushing their teeth, wasting a lot of water in the process. Consider turning the tap off whilst you brush. This can also apply when you wash your hands, take a shower or wash dishes.


You can make several changes within your home or workplace that could help in controlling wastage of water. You don’t need to completely change your lifestyle to do your bit for nature, just make some small and creative changes to your daily habits. Every bit counts.

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