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5 Reasons You Have A Clogged Drain | And How To Prevent It From Happening

CCTV Camera inspecting blocked drain

5 Reasons You Have A Clogged Drain | And How To Prevent It From Happening

Did you know that 50% of our plumbing work is responding to emergency calls for blocked drains.

But often, the blockage could have been prevented!

We explore the common causes of why Sydneysiders end up with a clogged drain and some handy tips to keep your water flowing.

Grease & Fat

75% of Sydney’s commercial and 25% of domestic blocked drains are caused by a buildup of grease and fat.

Throwing the excess oil from your frypan may seem like a harmless act, but the build-up of oil and grease is a huge cause of drain blockages in Sydney homes.

TIP: For small amounts of oil, or oil that has solidified, simply scrape into your garbage. For larger amounts, if you can’t reuse it, pour it into a glass jar before disposing of in the bin.

Food Debris

Kitchen sink does not = garbage disposal

How many of you rinse the food off your dinner plates and wash it down the drain? With the buildup, you may experience rotting food in your pipes, which can be a little on the nose.

TIP: Properly scrape the scraps from your plate into the bin or compost. The added bonus is less rinsing which saves water! A sink strainer is another great way to catch any food that falls into the sink. You then simply empty the build-up into the bin.

Body Hair

The average adult loses between 50 & 100 strands of hair per day!

For some, the humble hair wash leads to an unruly clump of strands on the shower floor. If it gets caught in the drain, it becomes a web, trapping soap scum and dirt. Yuck! Not to mention the hair that drops when brushing or blow drying your hair at the vanity. It’s no surprise that you can end up with a clogged bathroom sink.

TIP: Don’t push the hair down the plug hole. Where possible, collect that clump before it goes down the drain and throw it in the bin. For the small build-up that will inevitably occur, use some tweezers to detach and remove the mess.

Tree Roots

75% of domestic blocked drains are caused by tree roots.

What lies beneath the beautiful old trees? The number one cause of Sydney’s blocked drains.

Tree roots love drain pipes because it’s an ideal environment for them to grow. If they find their way in, they can take over the pipes completely. Tree roots sniff out water/moisture and in dry weather, they make a direct line towards old sewer pipes.

TIP: If you have trees around your sewer line, or you’re noticing your drains are clogging/smelling, organise a drain inspection before it’s too late!

Poorly Laid Pipes

Not all plumbers are licensed.

Shoddy workmanship from unqualified tradesmen can be the cause of your blocked drains which could lead to structural damage to your property.

TIP: Although you can’t control the work carried out in the past, be sure to always hire a professional, licensed plumber.


Prevention is key but if you do end up with a blocked drain, call a blocked drain plumber. With the latest equipment and technology, they will do a drain inspection diagnose the issue. Your plumber will then talk through the options for your situation.

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